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23 June 2009 @ 10:38 am
newsvine - hold back my heart (michael johns) album review  
I wrote an album review for Michael Johns' "official" debut album over at my Newsvine column. Let me know what you think of the album, the article, basically what's your favourite song, etc etc. I would love to know your thoughts! I tried building a thought reading machine but it's a no go. Eh. What can you do? You can only use glue and toilet paper rolls for so much...

Album Review - Hold Back My Heart (Michael Johns)

Every now and then there comes an album that seems to have ingeniously soared into such spirit and authenticity and coyly finds a way to your soul. Michael Johns' exquisite album, Hold Back My Heart is one of those albums. Best described as soulful and genuine, Johns bears his soul for listeners with his effortless and attractive voice while revealing not just the beauty of his tone but how outstanding music can truly be.
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Ohh! And don't forget to vote it up on the 'Vine guys! :)

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